When my pen stutters

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In the 2010 inspiring movie The King’s Speech, Colin Firth brilliantly portrayed King George VI who is dealing with an impeded speech. This high profile person who is the monarch of the United Kingdom couldn’t communicate well to his countrymen. The shower of stammers and stutters not only hindered his message but takes toll on his self-esteem also. Then came World War II and it is his biggest trial to reach out and inspire his people. The help of a foreign and eclectic speech therapist addressed not only the obstacle but what caused it in the first place. This brought about a great friendship between these two.

What I found irresistible about the story is how recent this all seems since King George VI is the father of the current ruling monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth. We still have people who fought during and survived World War II. The King George VI’s speech problem is a direct contrast to the gifted orator Adolf Hitler. We can’t help but keep rooting for the underdog.

The struggle and stuttering reflects my writing. My thoughts are all tangled up and I have a hard time attempting to organize them. Describing the scenes, characters, then narrating how they went from point A to point B, and my conclusion are so distorted. The tumultuous feeling when I create is akin to gasping for air while trying to keep afloat. So why do I write when I feel this uncomfortable about it?

Writing is my vocation. I finally know this to be true after working in several disciplines and having moved to two different countries. It was the calling I ran away from for over a decade ago. Now I am facing the consequence of neglecting and hiding the talent. You bear witness to my awkward sentences and the longs hours spent editing what I wrote showed my level of production, which is not high at all. So even if there is some awkwardness in reaching my goal, this is just the time to learn and develop my skills.

There are many stories I wish to share with everyone. Even if my writing skill is at its lowest and I require many hours of training and practice. I can’t stop all these beautiful stories from churning out of me like a broken ice cream machine. I desire to distribute these narratives. So I will get to where I turn these stories into books that everyone can enjoy.

“Because I have a voice!” was uttered with such passion in the film that it woke me up from my stupor. Am I striving to improve my craft? As we work hard we influence others to face their own calling, motivate them to do their best and encourage them to not only face any hardship but overcome them.

Many thanks for reading this post and I respect your time but if you haven’t seen the film and want to know more about The King’s Speech, don’t forget to check it out.  You can watch the movie trailer here.

Author: Shela Laubach

Christ follower, Expat, wife, mom and writer-in-training who enjoys handicrafts and based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany,