A culinary tour in Stuttgart

Photo by Izzie R on Unsplash

It’s been a fruitful search and I was able to find a culinary tour and the Culinary Lady who tickled my taste buds. There must have been several times I mentioned that I’m a Food enthusiast or “Foodie”.  You can even find my Instagram account re-named to stuttgart_vittles to pay homage to the archaic word vittle or victual. Most of the pictures I post there are food-related since I believe enjoying good food is one of the best part of living. This special culinary tour date with Hubby last Friday got me so excited in sharing our experience.

I believe enjoying good food is one of the best part of living.

First of all, the Culinary Lady offers several tours you can decide on. You can find more at her website www.culinarylady.com. Although her website is in German, you can email her in English. She does accommodate tours in English if you give her enough heads-up, this include mentioning any allergies or specific food you prefer. The tour is prepaid so we only had to pay for our drinks in each places we went to but the rest were all taken care of.

Second, we took the Genuss- und Kulturspaziergang tour that brought us to das Bohnenviertel.  This area is close to the city center and has various cuisines to enjoy. Each places we visited with the Culinary Lady gave us something new to savor, even the ones that I thought were just typical German fare. The Culinary Lady provided us with historical enlightenment, specifically of the middle ages, that brought the current staples in our table like salt, black pepper, potatoes, corn, etc.

The Culinary Lady provided us with historical enlightenment.

Imagining what transpired through the centuries and hearing it around a cobbled stone street area exhibits how much food influences surround us.

Lastly, I got some pictures up for you to enjoy! In total, we had a 5-course menu that consists of an appetizer, soup, fresh roll, main dish and dessert with coffee. There are no pictures of the appetizer and soup since I came to the tour very hungry. I pretty much devoured those right away.

The Culinary Lady has another tour we plan to check out next year. We are also looking forward to going back to the places introduced to us.  Check out our dear Culinary Lady and her wonderful tours.