Hiatus and Changes


Work on this blog is currently in progress.

This blog is on hiatus since it requires some necessary updates and tweaking. I had to go back to the drawing board and review the content of my blog. This includes creating schedule on posts and working on my current theme. Please stay tuned for more changes and contents. I do appreciate any constructive feedback. 

Blog Revamp

Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

It’s time to overhaul my old “Ist es in deutsch?” blog. The contents were slow in its progress and I kept losing my focus on the purpose for starting it. I also had some internal struggle on keeping my blog entries real yet maintaining privacy and distance—I’m from the old school of not `airing my dirty laundry´ in public. If I truly want to share my life’s adventures in my new home country, I have to let you peek in and see my not-so-perfect life and low key living—cause that makes me real.

My new goal for this revamped blog is to share personal thoughts, my reality and pursuit of the long-delayed writing career. There will still be posts about Germany, its culture, food and lifestyle.  So don’t give up on reading about those in this blog.

Towards the end of some posts, you’ll find me asking you to rate my posts because I want you to be involved in improving my writing. If you find my writing needs further improvement and have kind advice for me, do leave a comment. I read every one of them and even notes it down on my writing journal.

Thank you so much!