Reformation’s 500th year

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If you’re a fan of Martin Luther, then you must be excited to celebrate the 500th Reformation today. Luther posted his famous 95 Theses on the doors of the church of Wittenberg back in 1517.

I am sharing a couple of destination videos done by Rewboss on his YouTube channel. These are: Eisenach Destination video and Erfurt Destination video.  Although Rewboss didn’t go to Wittenberg, these two cities were important. It showcased where Martin Luther lived, studied, taught and eventually hid when he was excommunicated.

These were tumultuous times for the Catholics, however, Martin Luther cared enough for the souls of the people. He re-directed them to the real source of their salvation. He also paved the way for the poor to understand the Bible and the correct Christian teachings by translating the Bible from Latin for German. Although, many misunderstood the reasons why he was against certain rituals of the Catholic Church it did eventually pave for a new branch of Christian belief, which holds fast on Jesus Christ’s teaching and the Bible.

Author: Shela Laubach

Christ follower, Expat, wife, mom and writer-in-training who enjoys handicrafts and based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany,